AAA Participant Direction assists Mi Via participants, regardless of age or health condition, to define their life choices, advance towards their highest purpose and achieve their goals.


AAA Participant Direction provides Mi Via Consultant services to Mi Via participants that will help them identify and select Mi Via supports and services and other community resources so they can live a good life in their communities.


  • All people belong in their communities
  • All people have gifts to contribute
  • All people have aspirations to pursue
  • All people have the right to good health and safe living
  • All people are self-determined


AAA Participant Direction Newsletters:

August 2012 - AAA Participant Direction

Mi Via Newsletters:

August 2012 - Mi Via

Forms for Participants

Use this form to show you understand your Mi Via responsibilities:

Use the Authorized Agent form to appoint someone to help you and to give them permission to talk to Mi Via contractors and state staff

Forms your doctor will fill out to help determine your Level of Care

Use the Service & Support Plan form to put together you service and support plan

Use this form if you want to hire a legally responsible individual, i.e., your parent if you are a minor or your spouse.

Use these forms to complete a vendor agreement for services; a vendor information form for purchase of goods and a payment request form for authorizing payment to a vendor:

Make sure your staff are documenting the services they provide. This is a form you CAN use or you can use your own format.

Use the Critical Incident Report Form to report abuse, neglect or exploitation and other incidents such as hospitalization, emergency services or involvement with law enforcement